Our Staff

Bob Allison

President and Manager of The Core Climbing and Fitness Centre; formerly co-founder of the Great Wall Climbing Centre

Bob Allison- (President and Manager of The Core Climbing and Fitness Centre; formerly co-founder of the Great Wall Climbing Centre) has been climbing for over 35 years. Bob and his family have lived in Whistler for 26 years during which time Bob has created two climbing areas: Nordic and Calchek, and put up dozens of routes rated from 5.4 through 5.13 throughout...

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John Blok

John wants help you reach the finish line with your best time, your best body and assist you to reach your personal fitness goals.  He has been making a difference as a trainer since 2006. As a triathlete himself, who takes on 5-8 races a year, he can be the coach who gets you to the finish line through sharing his personal experience with muscle toning, endurance, strength and conditioning. John is certified Group Fitness BCRPA, Personal Fitness Trainer BCRPA,...

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Tani Hamagishi-Allen

As a certified Pilates instructor and climbing enthusiast, Tani brings to the Core a passion for strong and stable body movement. Her personal training approach introduces clients to Classical-based Pilates, targeting shoulder and pelvic stability through alignment and core muscle recruitment.

In addition to individualized private and semiprivate sessions, she caters to a range of fitness levels in Pilates group mat classes.

She is fully certified on all Pilates apparatus and offers this knowledge during Mat sessions through the use...

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Pei-Yin Lew

Originally from Australia, Pei started climbing over a decade ago and has climbed on six of the seven continents. She’s also delved into mountaineering and has summited Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Aconcagua and a number of 5000m+ and 6000m+ peaks in Peru and Bolivia.

Pei loves all aspects of climbing whether it be bouldering, sport, trad or alpine. She has her Top Rope Climbing Instructor accreditation through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.


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Marina Serrano Leon

Taking the confusion out of weight loss and strength goals, Marina will keep you motivated and excited to come out to your next session and send you home with nutritional information and goals to work on until you have come back to your next class, workout or private session with her. 

When clients are working with Marina, they are creating more time and energy to achieve results and freedom.  As a personal trainer, and group fitness instructor,  Marina employs full body movement...

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Jake Doyle

Jake is a certified ACMG Top Rope Climbing Instructor who loves taking people climbing whether it be outside or in the gym. Growing up in the Vancouver area, he has been spending time in the mountains around Whistler his entire life.

You can find Jake in the mountains backcountry skiing and rock climbing or at the Core getting stronger. He has been on numerous rock climbing trips all over the United States and Patagonia.

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    Connor Thelen

    Connor started climbing at a young age at the German Alpine Association and soon found his passion for bouldering.

    Touching real rock for the first time made him escape the climbing gyms and boulder his way through Germany and finally ending up in one of his favourite climbing areas, the beautiful sandstone of Fontainebleau, France.

    Connor has shared his experiences working as bouldering/climbing instructor and route setter in different gyms all over Germany for over five years. He is always aiming to...

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    Adam Fidler

    Adam has been sharing his passion and knowledge of climbing with novices and experienced climbers for the last seven years and has been hanging off walls for the last 14. He can teach you the basics or help you push yourself to the next level.

    He likes to climb hard, but never too serious. He specializes in the art of bouldering, where he can play as he trains. He is no stranger to the competitive climbing scene, and his best ticks...

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    Martina Kvetounova

    Martina is a traveller originally from the Czech Republic, She travels the world to explore and enjoy the mountains, either on the rocks, on the snow, in the air or in the water. She came to Whistler to taste the Canadian powder and thanks to The Core she can share her passion and continue climbing eventhough it's freezing outside.

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    Beth Schaffengurg

    Beth is originally from Nova Scotia and started climbing there when she was young in a kids climbing club at the local gym. Soon after Beth was introduced to the granite erratics scattered along the coast of Nova Scotia and fell in love with bouldering. She also enjoys sport climbing and has climbed at numerous locations around Canada.

    Beth has a background working in climbing gyms and instructing kids climbing camps. I love sharing her passion of climbing with newcomers...

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