Marina Serrano Leon

Marina grew up in the Vancouver and Squamish area and has been a part of the active sea to sky lifestyle for many years.

As a personal trainer, Marina employs full body movement and functional training to help her clients reach their fitness goals. She is an outdoor enthusiast - rock climbing, biking, and skiing, to name a few - and loves translating that experience, to the gym. Free weights and high-intensity training are Marina's tools for assisting clients to build muscle mass and tone. She is a qualified trainer with years of experience and can help you with active rehabilitation, particularly with shoulder, and knee injuries. Marina believes that being active and fit is an important part of everyone's life.

Sports Science dipl., Personal Trainer BCRPA, Weight Lifting cCert., Nutritional Advisor, Third Age BCRPA, Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist cert.

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