Our gym is an inspiring place. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet all around you challenges call. Climbing walls, exercise equipment and a yoga/fitness studio give our indoor programs plenty of tools to work with.

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Introduction to Climbing Course

This is an excellent 2 hour course designed for the absolute beginner. You will learn basic knots, how to belay, route finding skills, rope management, equipment review and some basic movement technique. This can be done in one 2 hour block or spread over two 1 hour blocks.
- 1 x 2 hour course or 2 x 1 hour course

- Includes equipment rental and a day pass

- Prerequisite – none


Core Climbing Social/Team Building

This includes a balance of climbing and problem-solving activities to encourage team growth. Our Core Specialist will facilitate a fun-filled, informative, skill-building session that introduces the team to Climbing and Cooperative Teamwork. Participants will be eased into more and more challenging activities with their confidence being boosted with each step along the way.The atmosphere of safety and support (away from the office) allows participants to take chances that surprise themselves and each other.

Cost:$45 per person for 2 hours.
Includes: Equipment and professional guide/facilitation.

Corporate Activities

Get Fit

Ideal for developing a positive rapport in a fitness setting. Work with our program coordinator and trainers to choose the activities that will best inspire your group, including yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, circuit and weight training. You can choose one of these activities, or a combination or even better, combine them with some climbing.


Outdoor Climbing Rock Trips

Want to climb but not sure what to do. Consider letting us lead you on a half-day or full-day trips on some amazing climbs in a lush old-growth forests.

These local crags are only a 15 minute drive from the Whistler Core. A vast selection of climbs are nestled in a unique old growth forest where you are welcomed with amazing vistas of the glacier-capped Tantalus Mountains. You will enjoy a variety of climbs and rappels. This special climbing area, Cal-Cheak, provides an awesome progression of routes in the a most tranquil setting.

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Introductory Outdoor Rock Climbing

We cover all the essentials such as climbing safety, equipment, movement skills, outdoor climbing strategy, belaying and rappelling, rock climbing terminology and much, much more. Our goal is to have fun providing everyone with the basic outdoor rock climbing skills.

Objectives: Through discussion, demonstration and participation you will learn to:

Sport climbing safety protocol

Current belay techniques using a GriGri and communication with your partnerLowering and rappellingWork on climbing skills and drills to develop your technique.


1 - day
Prerequisite: desire to climb something

All equipment supplied

Outdoor Climbing

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