Updated COVID-19 Best Health and Safety Procedures at the Core.

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To all our valued members,   

As everyone knows, times are different with this pandemic, and we won't be back to what we all knew as the "norm" for quite some time.   

When entering the Core we still welcome you with a friendly greeting but now this is followed by a series of rote rules and questions regarding our health and safety practices. Our team also moves around the gym throughout the day, cleaning, helping our members and reminding everyone to use their personal protection towels and wipe down the equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone follows our procedures. With the number of cases increasing and restaurants and gyms being shut down again in Ontario and Quebec, and for the health of our team and members, we are PLEADING with everyone who visits the Core to please follow all our "Best health and safety practices." We don't want to have to close our doors again!!!!  

Member Hygiene 

  1. If a member is sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, has travelled and should be in self-isolation, or has recently been in contact with a high-risk individual they are not permitted in the gym. 
  2. All members should respect physical distancing guidelines and allow for appropriate space between other members and staff. We do have pinch points in the gym where we have posted yield signs, and distancing cues. 
  3. All members should wash or sanitize their hands frequently – before, during, and after workouts. 
  4. All members should not touch their face while training or without first washing or sanitizing their hands. 
  5. All members should practice proper respiratory etiquette and not cough or sneeze without appropriately covering their nose and mouth. 
  6. Masks are now mandatory at the Core in all areas of the gym.
  7. Our staff has the right to refuse service or ask members who do not follow our desired hygiene protocols or display known symptoms to leave our facility.   

Facility Hygiene 

  1. You now have a choice for cleaning the equipment. You can have your own cleaning cloth and spray bottle or you can choose to use one of several sanitizing stations and wipes located in key areas throughout the gym. When you are returning your disinfecting cloth, please drop it in our laundry bin located behind the reception area. Return the spray bottle to the grid directly above the laundry bin. These will be cleaned and disinfected and put back into circulation.
  2. Everyone training at the Core is required to have their own towel to be used as a personal protective barrier on the benches, seats, mats and the floor. Large towels covering the entire bench are ideal but if you are using a smaller towel and your back and head in contact with the bench, it will be most useful to put your towel behind your head. When you are seated on the equipment, and your back and head are not in contact, place the towel under your butt. Same idea if you are using a mat or on the floor. We also recommend having a second towel to be used as a sweat towel. We do have some towels for sale for $5, but will not have any for rent. 
  3. Members are encouraged to practice good gym hygiene, including ● wiping down equipment with supplies provided at the stations before and after use, ● washing hands before, during, and after workouts, as needed, ● practicing physical distancing in all areas of the gym, ● and using personal protective equipment as desired or required. 
  4. In addition to our after-hours cleaning, our team has a daily cleaning schedule, and certain areas of the gym may close for brief periods during the day for disinfecting. 
  5. The climbing rental shoes and harnesses are disinfected after use and then put out of circulation for at least a 12-hour period. 
  6. To reduce the number of physical payments our team must process please make pre-payments or contactless payments for your membership whenever possible.   
  7. We also added an Electrostatic sprayer to our cleaning and disinfecting equipment so we can improve our disinfecting efforts. 

Physical Distancing  

  1. Occupancy Limits - we limit the number of people in the gym and monitoring this with a new Density people-counting sensor. You can contact us anytime and find out how busy the gym is and how much room there is to train. 
  2. One of the things that make the Core unique is our different activity zones. This is great because it allows our members plenty of opportunities to find their own work out space with lots of physical distancing; however, to maintain the minimum physical distance, you will have to be mindful of other members and visa versa. Each zone has a maximum occupancy posted at the entrance to that zone. 
  3. Physical distancing cues. 
  4. Fortunately, the entrance to the Core is large, with two sets of double doors. To maintain physical distancing, the doors on the left as you enter are used for entering and the doors on the right are the exit doors. These are marked accordingly. 
  5. Inside of the Core, we have physical distancing cues marked on the floor. 
  6. At pinch points in the gym, we have "Yield" cues marked on the floor. 
  7. Please yield to those in hallways, stairs, or anywhere the 6-foot distancing rules are difficult to maintain. 
  8. All members should limit the number of partners that they train with to either household members or a select few friends or family in their social circle.   

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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