December 23, 2021 Partial Closure & Update

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Dear awesome Core Members

We thank you for your support and for helping us create an excellent Core Community. However, it appears with the new Health Orders announced on Dec 23, our community has been rattled again. We are following the health order to mandate the Gym's closure but remain open for recreational Climbing activities for our climbing community. 

Based on this Health Order, all Core Cancel Anytime GYM Memberships have been suspended and will be re-activated the day the order has is lifted. All Core Cancel Anytime COMBO memberships will have access to the Climbing areas only and will not be automatically suspended. If you are a Combo Member and wish to suspend or cancel your membership, please email with your request. 

We have implemented increased COVID protocols during the new wave, some of which include: 

Vaccine Passport 

  • Proof of a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is required for people 12 and older.
  • If you would like to keep your vaccination status on your profile with us, please fill out our consent form at our front desk.
  • If you prefer not to have your vaccination status on your profile, please have your QR code and a valid piece of government ID ready upon check in.

Mask Policy

  • Masks are mandatory for 5y/o and up
  • Masks are mandatory at ALL times while in the facility, even when climbing. Ensure your mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin.
  • Neck gaiters (buffs), bandanas and vented masks are NOT allowed

Chalk Rules

  • liquid chalk only

Member Hygiene 

  • If a member is sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, has travelled and should be in self-isolation, or has recently been in contact with a high-risk individual they are not permitted in the gym. 
  • All members should respect physical distancing guidelines and allow for appropriate space between other members and staff. We do have pinch points in the gym where we have posted yield signs, and distancing cues. 
  • All members should wash or sanitize their hands frequently – before, during, and after climbing. 
  • All members should not touch their face while climbing or without first washing or sanitizing their hands. 
  • All members should practice proper respiratory etiquette and not cough or sneeze without appropriately covering their nose and mouth. 
  • Masks are now mandatory at the Core in all areas of the gym.
  • Our staff has the right to refuse service or ask members who do not follow our desired hygiene protocols or display known symptoms to leave our facility.  

Physical Distancing  

  • Occupancy Limits - we limit the number of people in the gym and monitoring this with a new Density people-counting sensor. You can contact us anytime and find out how busy the gym is and how much room there is to climb. 
  • Physical distancing cues. 
  • Fortunately, the entrance to the Core is large, with two sets of double doors. To maintain physical distancing, the doors on the left as you enter are used for entering and the doors on the right are the exit doors. These are marked accordingly. 
  • Inside of the Core, we have physical distancing cues marked on the floor. 
  • At pinch points in the gym, we have "Yield" cues marked on the floor. 
  • Please yield to those in hallways, stairs, or anywhere distancing is difficult to maintain. 
  • All members should limit the number of partners that they climb with to either household members or a select few friends or family in their social circle.  

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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