Rescue Dogs Are a Mountaineer’s Best Pals

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Rescue Dogs Are a Mountaineer’s Best Pals

Mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking are exciting activities that pump up the adrenaline while you enjoy the great outdoors.
They are healthy activities that improve cardiovascular functioning, strengthen muscles, enhance endurance and stamina as well as flexibility and agility. These sports also foster mental health and improve concentration. Above all, they are social and fun but can be dangerous because of the risks involved.  Factors such as falling rocks, avalanches, ice and injury can happen in addition to altitude and weather issues.  

When unfortunate events like these occur, rescue dogs have been instrumental in finding lost or injured victims. They are specifically trained to hunt for survivors, scavenge bodies or track wounded mountaineers in alpine surroundings. These animals are tireless in their efforts to recover victims from the rubble of an avalanche or find missing persons who have fallen off cliffs. From recovery and rescue to therapy and healing, man’s best friend is simply incredible. Amazing stories of the brave and heroic acts of rescue dogs can be read in this article.

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