Hayden Korte-Moore's workout experience at the Whistler Core

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Hayden Korte-Moore

It was about a year and a half ago when I took my first class at The Core. I was unhappy with my strength and endurance which was starting to effect my skiing. As a retired ski racer who spent countless hours in the gym preparing for long physically demanding winters, I was looking for a workout routine that would challenge, motivate, and help me to get stronger on my skis as well as improve me as an all around athlete. Little did I know that a local gym minutes away from my house offered hour long workout classes that could help me reach my fitness goals. These classes are typically made up of 5-15 Whistler locals looking for an extra 60 minutes of physical activity between all the hiking, biking and skiing that goes on in our little town. The trainers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which creates a positive environment and motivates me to come back day after day. When it comes to my goals, Mountain fit and Cardio circuit are the classes I look forward to most each week.

Mountain fit is an hour long work out that focuses on getting your body ready for ski season. The weighted squats/deadlifts, core work, upper body strength and some form of cardio (most often high resistance spinning) condition your body to work at higher intensities for longer periods of time. This class in particular has had a huge impact on my skiing. All the hours of work I’ve put in has given me an undeniable sense of confidence on and off the mountain. It’s enabled me to ski longer without fatigue, allowing me to spend more time doing what I love.

As for Cardio Circuit, it is an hour long work out that’s made up of three to five, five-fifteen minute micro-circuits concentrated on building stamina and endurance. Consistently showing up to this class has noticeably enhanced my ability to do the things I love around Whistler. Hikes that I used to struggle with have become substantially easier and ones I would have never imagined doing have become possible. Ski touring has grown into an enjoyable pastime rather than a strenuous chore. And for someone who used to despise running, the fundamentals of this class have helped me achieve things I never thought possible.

Becoming a more well rounded athlete and reaching my fitness goals is what initially drew me to The Core, what’s kept me coming back has been the community and the support system it’s given me to focus on my overall health. In a town with so many people passing through it’s nice to spend a few hours a week connecting with the ones who live and work here. I never took my nutrition very seriously in the past. Now with all the hours I put in to strength and conditioning, what I choose to fuel my body with has become a top priority. Eating healthy provides me with the energy I need to enjoy all the things I love around this beautiful little mountain town. Over the past year and a half the Core has given me a sense of community, helped me build self confidence, and given me the strength to live out my passions. It’s difficult to express how important these classes have been for me, I owe the trainers so much for the work they put in with us, and to The Core as whole; thank you for providing me with a little sanctuary right outside my doorstep.

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