Training tips for golfers

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WARM-UP before playing!

Golf is a ‘sport’ and mobility exercises will get your body ready for the very short but extremely explosive movement of the golf swing. Most recreational golfers start their rounds poorly because they don’t warm up.

On the course

3-5 mins of dynamic stretches: leg swings, squats/lunges/chest presses/arm swings, hip/trunk/shoulder rotations. Then have a putt and a chip – Hit some balls on the range using short irons first (not straight to the driver!) – Then another 3 mins of hip/trunk/shoulder rotations on the tee and then off you go.

In the gym
Put a stretch band under one foot and imitate the golf back swing and then reverse for the follow through. Put a band around the lower thighs as well to create resistance in the lower body. This will increase strength for the seven essential muscle groups that make up the ‘Golf Christmas Tree’ (neck stabilisers, triceps, lower trapezius/scapular muscles, lower and deep abdominals, posterior gluts, abductors/adductors, pelvic floor).

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