Corporate Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Our gym is an inspiring place. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet all around you challenges call. Climbing walls, exercise equipment and yoga/fitness studios give our indoor programs plenty of tools and challenges to work with.

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The Core Edge- Thinking Like A Climber

A 1 hour adventure. In a safe, controlled environment, participants are eased into indoor rock climbing by our guides. The sessions always begin with easy warm up activities and then into a progression of climbs that will leave everyone feeling challenged and successful.

'Thinking like a climber' boosts motivation and confidence with each step along the way!

Cost: $25 per participant for 1 hour.
Includes: Equipment, professional guide.

Core Climbing Social/Team Building

This includes a balance of climbing and problem-solving activities to encourage team growth. Our Core Specialist will facilitate a fun-filled, informative, skill-building session that introduces the team to Climbing and Cooperative Teamwork. Participants will be eased into more and more challenging activities with their confidence being boosted with each step along the way. The atmosphere of safety and support (away from the office) allows participants to take chances that surprise themselves and each other.

Cost:$35 per person for 1.5 hours; $45 per person for 2 hours.
Includes: Equipment and professional guide/facilitation.

Get Fit

Ideal for developing a positive rapport in a fitness setting with co-workers and teammates. Work with our program coordinator to choose the activities that will best inspire your team including yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, circuit and weight training. You can choose one of these activities, a combination or even better combine them with some climbing!

Cost:$120 for per hour for up to 6 participants and $12 per hour for each additional participant.
Includes: Equipment, studio and instructor/trainer.


Revive The Core: 15-Minute Core Meeting Refresher

When participants in conferences, meetings and long classes take this 15-minute refresher, they return recharged and ready to make the most of their time, without even leaving the room. Our dynamic Core Personal Trainer will come to your meeting space and “sharpen your pencils”, increasing productivity for the rest of your session.

Cost: $100

Time: 15 minutes

Location: your conference room

Get Fit

Try a 30-minute light workout in your conference room. (Can be seated in chairs or held in an empty room)

Cost: $150

Yoga Refresher

30-minutes of tension-busting Zen.

Cost: $150

Core Private Bookings

The ultimate all-access pass to the Core. Rent our climbing wall, fitness studio, workout area or the whole gym (including trainer and guides) by the hour for the exclusive use of your group.

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The professionals at The Core have been guiding outdoor climbing in the Whistler area for decades. Whatever your ability level, we have an outdoor class or program that will offer challenge, learning and a genuine taste of Whistler adventure.

Wilderness Rock Climbing Adventure

Under the canopy of an old growth forest, amidst stunning vistas of our Coastal Mountains, a challenge awaits. The tour can involve a series of activities including: scaling a rock bluff, balancing on a log and wires, crossing an unstable bridge, taking the leap of faith and single or tandem rappelling.

Activities: Rock Climbing, High rope Courses/Rappelling (All activities can be done separately)
Group Size: 10 to 50
Time: 2 to 4 hours (Available: May - October).
Location: 15 minutes drive South of Whistler. Transportation available

Whistler Core Scavenger Hunt

This event has teams working together while still experiencing the buzz of competition. While exploring Whistler Village and the surrounding parks, teams hunt for plotted points of interest, discover hidden 'caches' while enjoying the outdoors and completing a variety of challenges. Participants will discover fun and fascinating facts about Whistler's history. The event can be customized in duration, physical vs. mental challenges as well as competition vs. social.

Activities: 4 legged ski race, scenic walk/run/bike, building rock cairn and Inukshuk, discovering Whistler's "Charlie Brown Christmas tree" as well as many other points of interest and much more!
Group: 10 to 50
Time: 1 to 3 hours (Available year round).
Location: Whistler Village


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