Fitness Gym Rules and Guidelines

    • All members must scan theirs cards at the front desk before using the facility.
    • Suitable gym footwear and clothing is required inside the gym. Please, no bare feet or outdoor footwear in the workout areas and no black soled shoes in the Fitness Studios.
    • Sweat towels are mandatory. If you forgot yours you can purchase a towel at the front desk.
    • Use our environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to wipe down equipment after use.
    • Re-rack your weights – DBs, Plates and bars.
    • No dropping DBs. You lift, you lower!
    • If you are Power or Olympic lifting and using the proper bumper plates, you can drop the weights in designated areas with padded floor.
    • During busy gym hours, please limit your time on the cardio equipment and to one piece of workout equipment at a time. Busy hours: 4-7pm.
    • Cell phone use is discouraged but if it is an absolute must, please keep the chatting to a minimum.
    • Don’t monopolize more than one piece of equipment while others are waiting.
    • We are a family gym with people of all ages, including young kids, so for the enjoyment of all gym users, refrain from using foul language and being excessively loud.
    • We have a total of three private showers so during busy class times, be mindful of our other guests and shower off as quickly as you can.
    • Please store personal belongings in a locker or storage cubbies during 
your visit only. Anything left overnight will be removed and donated to a worthy cause.
    • You can bring your own lock for the lockers or borrow one from the front desk – in exchange for a piece of ID.
    • Only water is allowed on the gym floors in unbreakable contrainers.
    • Have Fun!

New - Liquid Chalk Only!

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