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From mellow yoga to intense metabolic "Mountain Athletic" workouts, our two Studios with impact absorbing floors surrounded by mirrors, Zen colours and a sound system that will get you rockin.

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Weekly, monthly and annual memberships are available if you are ready to make the Whistler Core your home away from home.

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**Drop-in classes are not currently available, but 4-week enrollment classes are available with limited capacity.** For more information:

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Gym: $18+GST Studio Class: $19+GST Personal training starting at $25 per person for small group training.
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Booty Fit

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The glutes are the epicentre of all athletic movement and also accounts for a percentage of body aesthetics. This class focuses on creating functional hinging strength between the hip and the legs as well as firming and toning the booty. This class aids in correcting muscle imbalances in the pelvic area to relieve lower back and ITB issues. This is not a "to do" class, but instead, it's a "need to do" class for everyone who moves their body.

There is no wasted or difficult moves in this class, only effective movements. Guaranteed to be a “Pain in the Butt”.

Benefits: Increased Muscular strength around the hip and pelvis; increased Function for all winter and summer sports; tightening, toning and lifting effect on the butt.

Cardio Circuit

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Cardio circuit class is a fun way to burn calories using a combination of weights, plyometrics and body weight exercises. Every class is different with a different theme from partner workouts to focus on a certain movement or body part.

Flow Yoga

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Flow Yoga is a faster paced, fitness approach to yoga. Expect to move from pose to pose and a full-spectrum class of standing asanas, one-legged balancing practices, core work, twists, hips, backbends, inversions and forward bends. Because these classes are all levels you are welcome to bring a sense of play and utilize the yoga postures so they work best for your body and not what your neighbour is doing. If you like to keep moving, this is the class for you. The poses will be beginner with the exception of 1-3 peak poses during the class. Options are always provided. Expect a fluid, flow type Vinyasa in the All Levels Class. Every class is a bit different and aimed to please both experienced and beginners! Expect good music, a sense of humour and a full-spectrum class of standing asanas, one-legged balancing practices, core work, twists, hips, backbends, inversions and forward bends. Because these classes are all levels you are welcome to bring a sense of play and utilize the yoga postures so they work best for your body and not what your neighbour is doing.

HIIT Circuit Training

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This HIIT (high intensity interval training) Circuit is a workout that targets aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. This class is designed to build muscle and strip away fat.

The workouts change on a weekly basis and are designed to use a large degree of muscle mass using body weight and weighted circuits. Multiple sets and exercises with short rest intervals are used to achieve a high workout training volume.

Kettlebell Circuit

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Kettlebell Circuit combines basic kettlebell movements along with body weight and polymeric exercises to tone and shape your body. It is a awesome way to get fit and strengthen your core through dynamic and functional movements.

No previous kettlebell experience is required, all techniques are demonstrated and taught in session.

Locals Indoor Climbing Night

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Never tried climbing? Locals Night is a great way to learn the basics! We will introduce you to the gym, safety equipment and coach you through movement skills so your ready to crank!

Don’t need help? No problem, come in and climb at a great price and access our guides for route beta or for honing your technique.

Cost: $9 for Core members and includes all rental equipment | Core Climbing Members FREE |
$18 for non-members (free rentals)

Locals Outdoor Climbing Night

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Join us from 6-9pm at one of our local crags. The routes vary in length from 20-30 metres and provide a good progression for all levels of climbers. Similar to our Local’s Indoor climbing night we will adapt the instruction to whatever level you are at. This includes route selection, movement skills, belaying and rope management, equipment use, rappelling and most important having fun!

Where: TBD (we will post a map with directions)

When: Select Tuesdays, 6-9pm, weather permitting.

Cost: $30 per person and includes instruction and equipment. Pick up equipment at The Core and be sure to complete a Waiver of Liability prior to arriving in local crag.

Pre-requisite: None, but some indoor climbing experience is recommended.

** Participation is limited so you must preregister. If you need equipment you can pick it up at the Whistler Core before travelling to the local crag or arrange ahead of time so the guides can take it with them. You must arrange your own transportation.

Mountain Fit

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The goal of the class is to build all body strength and strength endurance to mirror the intense physical demands of the mountain. This class will introduce some compound lifting like squats and presses to increase base fitness strength without gaining excess weight. The second part of the class will focus on work capacity/core, intense resistance cardio to gain horsepower and increase mental fitness.

Expect to be spotting fellow lifters, resting minimally and going to max effort. Train for your outside activity or adventure before you go!

Pilates and Rolling

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This Pilates class starts with apparatus-inspired movements using the foam roller as both a support system and resistance piece. Each class will work through a range of Classical Pilates exercises and finish with foam rolling, specifically targeting the hips, legs and back. No previous Pilates experience is required. All fitness levels will gain strength, flexibility and range of motion from this class.

Pilates Stretch

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Simply put, this Pilates class is the welcomed compliment to mountain days. Each class will incorporate the strengthening and stabilizing exercises of Pilates with the beneficial release of stretching. Most of us say we "really need to stretch more." Okay, let's do it. Mat and standing postures will be incorporated with small equipment and props to cater to all levels. 45 minutes of Pilates15 minutes of stretch.

Pump is a class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body. This addictive workout challenges all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises such as squats, presses, lifts and curls. This fitness training focuses on high repetition movements with low weight loads, which helps you achieve the results you are looking for – and fast!

This 60 minute class works on cadence, coordination, power, endurance, and breathing. It is perfect for road cyclists and cross country mountain bikers looking to enhance their efficiency on the bike, and for anyone wanting to increase their cardiovascular work capacity.

Benefits:Increased MetabolismIncreased Functional and Cycling StrengthIncreased Neuromuscular a Activity.



Monday, Wednesday & Friday; 6:15-7:15am OR 7:30-8:30am


The CORE BOOTCAMPS are high intensity classes designed to increase strength, cardio capacity and reduce body fat.

Bootcamp sessions include a variety of training techniques: Barbell squats/pulls/presses, plyometrics, kettlebells, TRX, spinning and bodyweight training. Bootcamp is strategically formulated to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will also offer you nutritional advice, fitness tests, and progressive exercises to monitor your improvements.

This workshop format is three 60-minute workouts per week for 4 weeks. 2 strength/cardio days and 1 core/cardio session.

BOOTCAMPER BONUS! Add 1 Core Fit class per week for the duration of the Bootcamp for an additional $48. ***valid during Bootcamp series only and cannot be applied towards future memberships.

Mountain Bike Fit

Tuesday & Thursday; 7:00-8:00pm - only offered in the Spring


MOUNTAIN BIKE FIT is a 4 week, intensive program designed to improve mountain biker’s fitness for the upcoming season. Whether you are an Enduro, Downhill or Cross Country rider the training sessions will be tailored to your type of riding. You will receive a training plan hand-built by Whistler Core trainer, Andy Robinson that will incorporate cardio, strength, flexibility and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This will include 2 gym based training sessions per week, weekly homework and ongoing communication based on your training plan.

At the end of this 4-week session you will be faster, stronger, leaner and ready for an epic outdoor biking season!

Mountain Bike Fit BONUS! Add 1 Core Fit class per week for the duration of the Bootcamp for an additional $48. ***valid during Mountain Bike Fit series only and cannot be applied towards future memberships.

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