• All members must scan theirs cards at the front desk before using the facility.
  • First time belayers to the Core must have a gym orientation and be belay checked by Core staff.
  • Instruction of belay techniques is only permitted by Whistler Core staff.
  • Harness and climbing equipment must be CE and/ or UIAA approved and unmodified. All equipment must be assembled and used as specified by the manufacturer. Staff reserve the right to reject any climbing equipment they deem to be unsafe.
  • Anyone in the climbing area must fill out a liability waiver form and go through an orientation of the climbing facility.
  • Spectators/ pedestrians must keep out of the way of all climbers, and make themselves aware of where climbers are above them.
  • Use of the autobelays is recommended with a buddy-check system and an orientation from a staff person. Please discuss the proper use of this device with a staff person prior to using it.
  • Headsets are discouraged while doing any form of climbing as they compromise your awareness of other climbers around you and are potentially hazardous.
  • Every first time boulderer to the Core is required to have a gym orientation and fall assessment prior to climbing.
  • Bouldering is allowed anywhere in the gym but your hands must not go above the black lines (approx.. 8-feet), unless the area is permanently protected with the thick padded blue mats. Spotters are strongly encouraged to assist when someone bouldering.
  • Boulderers must remove all climbing equipment and hard objects – including harness, belay device and chalk bag – to prevent personal injury, damage to pads, and explosions of chalk dust.
  • Belayers may not lie down while belaying. Sitting on the floor is only permissible during slow times. Please do not block passageways, stairways, and emergency exits with your gear – or yourself.
  • Wall Use: Top-Roped climbers share highest climbing priority, followed then by boulderers.
  • Monopolizing a route/autobelay is an unpopular practice.
  • Avoid climbing routes that interfere with others already on the climbing wall.
  • If you have long hair we recommend you tie it back to avoid getting it tangled up in the belay device.
  • Talking on your cell phone while in the gym is discouraged but if it is a must, please keep the chatting to a minimum and away from other climbers.
  • Only water is allowed on the gym floors in unbreakable containers.

All persons under 14 years of age must:

  • Be supervised by an adult, and are not permitted to belay – unless they are a member of the facility’s Junior Program.
  • Have their harness checked by a staff member prior to climbing.
  • Exceptions to these rules must first be approved by the Manager.

Please do not…

  • eat in the climbing area
  • use chalk balls or loose chalk. Only liquid chalk is permitted, and is available for purchase at the front desk
  • climb or walk around in bare feet
  • wear rings on fingers while climbing, or wear jewellery that could create an entanglement hazard

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