Provincial Health Order: The Fitness Gym Closure order has been lifted and the Core is back to normal operating hours. No drop-in passes will be sold 4-7pm daily because of space limitations; it will be members only. For more information on changes to our health and safety measures Read More


Whistler Guided Outdoor Rock Climbing

Bob, thank you so much for all of the time you spent emailing us back-and-forth and giving us all the information we needed to come prepared to climb. My husband and I were delighted to be challenged by the climb up to the climb and the climb down from the climb. We can brag to our friends that we also climbed!
Especially nice to have Drew, our grandson offer his hand to me helping me climb down. He is a real gentleman.
We were impressed by the way you interacted with Drew. You were clear, specific, and encouraging. You are an excellent teacher.

Core Kid's Morning Camp

Our son Mason attended the morning kids camp today, and it was such a wonderful experience for him. A big  thank you to his instructor! What a great, affordable program and an opportunity for parents to get a little r&r too.


The Bahr family

Mike W.

I've been going to the core for a lot of years now whenever I'm in Whistler. Firstly, the staff are all awesome and very friendly upon arrival. Very efficient to get you sorted out, whether a single drop in or week pass. The facilities themselves are AWESOME!!! It reminds me of one of my old school gyms, in that it is subterranean, almost dungeon like, but brightly lit. As you walk into the gym area, you are gong down stairs past a two story massive climbing wall and area. They have a cross training area upstairs and another room that I believe they use for yoga, aerobics and other group classes. There is also a good assortment of cardio equipment from treadmills, bikes and rowing machines. The gym tho, is my domain. Almost 2 full sets of dumbbells up to 100lbs, with one set each of 110 and 120lbs. There are a couple benches and squat cages, a cable machine, Smith machine, leg press, sit/stand calf and a few wither pieces. A good amount of free weights are there and some professional powerlifting weights as well. It can get a bit cozy in there with 10 - 12 people, but at 7am, it's not that bad. I'm so glad I found this gym 7-8 years ago as I now have no reason to not train. Truly a great establishment with great staff.

January 20, 2016

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Olivia R

"Bob Allison was an amazing guide and thanks to the Core and Bob I achieved one of my dreams of climbing the chief! Really friendly staff and the best day of my life so far! Thank you!"

December 07, 2015

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Holly Feniak

"Amazing facility! Love the people, the energy, and the. I LOVE the classes available. I am an advanced athlete and drop into the pump and spin classes whenever I'm in Whistler.. It's so fun because people of ALL fitness levels, and ages can come to the classes and get a hard workout in while having fun and meeting new people. The teachers are awesome at making sure no matter what fitness level you are you will feel the burn. Also the yoga classes are lovely. The Whistler Core is such a unique and diverse facility with endless options of classes, a huge weight and cardio section, and an excellent place for climbing learners and experts to practice their skills! I don't live in Whistler but am always excited to drop into the Core while I'm here."