Kayne Bishop

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Kayne's attitude towards fitness is all about personal growth. He has a 2 year Health and Fitness Diploma and has coached in the fitness industry for over 5 years and specializes in weight loss, strength training, conditioning and overall functionality. Utilizing his experience and knowledge as an athlete and trainer- Kayne leads the Morning Movement Bootcamps that prioritize full body workouts and functionality. Paired with cardio, strength training, and mobility; the Morning Movement bootcamps cater towards to everyone- if you are looking to get into better shape to tackle this winter season, or improve upon your overall health to keep up with your grandkids Morning Movement will benefit you.

Kayne has worked with a wide spectrum of clients with a variety of goals- from grade school athletes looking to improve their athletic abilities, busy parents looking to get active again, clients looking to rehab injuries; and everything in between. Kayne understands that taking care of your health is more than just physical- but also taking into account one’s emotional and mental health.

With Kayne’s athletic background in martial arts, soccer, and endurance based activities he has a wide variety of knowledge when it comes to athletic development, performance and maintenance.

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