February 20, 2014

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Things To Do in Whistler

Things to Do in Whistler with kids

Whistler has so many incredible things to do it can be a little overwhelming. Here is a collection of fun things to do in Whistler, including kids activities, corporate events and groups, summer activities, and of course winter sports to plan an amazing Whistler holiday. 

Kids Activities

- Rock climbing at the Whistler Core gym

- Kids camps at The Whistler Core gym

- Tobogganing

- Tubing at the Coca Cola Tube Park as part of the Core Kids camp 

- skating on a frozen lake or at the Olympic Plaza in the Whistler Village

Corporate Events & Team Building

- Corporate team building workshop at the Whistler Core Gym

- Get Fit classes in your office or boardroom. These classes from the Whistler Core stimulate your staff

- Meeting Refresher - keep your staff alert during a work meeting with a 15 min workout with a personal trainer from the Whistler Core

Summer Activities

- indoor rock climbing at the Whistler Core

- outdoor rock climbing workshop in Whistler and Squamish through the Core

- biking, hiking, picnicking. 

- take a fitness class including spin, Zumba, pilates or yoga. 

Winter Activities

- skiing or snowboarding (of course)

- weight training at the Core to strengthen your muscles for on the slopes

- Ladies boxing course (6 weeks) at the Whistler Core 

- roast marshmallows around a fire

- soak in a hot tub


Enjoy your trip to Whistler!!


Bob Allison
Bob Allison