Whistler Core Workout of the Week January 2015

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Throw back..Monday to a really effective all body workout with Andy Robinson!  This Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Centre Workout of the Week (WCWOW) is designed to strengthen your arms, shoulders, legs, hips, and core. 

TIME: 30 – 40 minutes

DIFFICULTY:  All levels

EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell (W 12-16kg), (M 16-24kg), Medicine ball (W 4kg+), (M 5kg+) 

FOCUS: strength, core, back, shoulders, arms

Participation in these exercises is done at your own risk. If you have any injuries we recommend that you do not attempt a WCWOW. If you have any concerns about your abilities or the exercises consult a medical practitioner or a personal trainer.

Whistler Core Work Out of the Week (WCWOW) 25/01/15

Warmup: familiarize yourself and practice each exercise with lighter weight as your warmup. The following youtube link provides a demonstration by Andy of each exercise.

WCWOW Video Link


Set 1.

30secs on, 5 sec off, repeat all in order 6 times

1. Double handed Kettlebell swings (W 12 to 16kg), (M 16kg to 24kg)

2. Crunches with medicine ball (W10lb+), (M 12lbs +) 3rd and 6th set are pulsing supermans.

3. Hamstring bridges on Kettlebell

4. Static lizard crawl with push up

Recover 2 to 3 mins until heart rate drops back down.

Set 2. X 4 to 6 sets of each in order

1. Single hand Kettlebell swings 30 sec or single hand change over 1 min.

2. Crunches with medicine ball and 2nd and 4th set pulsing supermans and planks

3. Single leg hamstring bridges 30 sec each leg.

4. Medicine ball throw downs, crawl outs and push up.

Recover 2 to 3 mins until heart rate drops back down.


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