Whistler Core Climbing Bonus Challenge #3

Posted by Bob Allison on

Contrast Climbing 


Pick 8 semi-hard boulder and/or autobelay problems without any forced dynamic moves. Climb each one 3-times, the first as statically as possible, the second very dynamically and the third combine them in the best possible way. Rest as need between each climb.


Take a 3-5 minute rest between sets.


If you have difficulty finding enough problems of your required difficulty level, it is ok to repeat problems.


Be aware of your breathing. It should be in harmony with your climbing rhythm. Easy moves and resting points: normal to deep breathing. Hard moves with a lot of body tension: pressed breathing with emphatic exhaling. Avoid a continuously flat breathing or holding your breath over a long period of time.


This exercise is a multi-tool. You improve you body tension and lock-off power as well as your feeling for movement and technique during the dynamic – static combination.


Click on the following link to see a demonstration of this weeks Bonus Challenge.



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