New To Climbing?

Never climbed before? Well the Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Centre is the best place to learn! Here at the Core we believe that everyone is a climber! We know that every single one of you has climbed something, somewhere, at some stage in your life. Maybe it was a stool to hang a picture, maybe it was a tree to get a stuck Frisbee, maybe it was a ladder to replace a light bulb. Regardless, if you’ve never been rock climbing before, we can help!

Our 1-hour guided climbing sessions are our most popular program. This program is for people ages 5 and up and can be catered to all ability levels. You climb and our friendly guides do all the safety work – belaying, coaching, motivating and sharing the local Whistler vibe. Sessions are sold in one-hour blocks and price is dependent on the number of people. All levels welcome. Reservations recommended. No experience necessary.

New to climbing, no partner, no problem; you can always purchase a day pass and use any of our three autobelays to climb the walls. Our TrueBlue autobelays have a magnetic braking system and are easy to use. These provide one of the easiest ways to start climbing. If the auto belays didn’t tire you out enough you can always combine this with some bouldering.

Bouldering is one of the best and easiest ways to get stronger and improve your climbing: no ropes, no harnesses, no partner, no problem! All the fun of climbing, easy to access, and a supportive climbing community. If you are serious about your training or want an endless supply of new bouldering routes, you should consider trying our new Tensionclimbing Board


We encourage all new climbers to take our Introductory Climbing lesson.

For additional options check out our Climbing Classes and 1-hour Guided Climbing!

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