John Blok

John wants help you reach the finish line with your best time, your best body and assist you to reach your personal fitness goals.  He has been making a difference as a trainer since 2006. As a triathlete himself, who takes on 5-8 races a year, he can be the coach who gets you to the finish line through sharing his personal experience with muscle toning, endurance, strength and conditioning. John is certified Group Fitness BCRPA, Personal Fitness Trainer BCRPA, Weight Lifting BCRPA.  

He can give you sport specific instruction in biking, swimming and running with a focus on triathlon. For John showing up consistently is the key to successfully achieving your fitness  

How long with Whistler Core:   12 years.
Fitness Philosophy:  Keep Moving!
Best Advice:   Sign up for event that requires fitness!
Biggest Health Vice:  Chocolate.
How do you stay in shape:  Swim, Bike Run - Repeat....
What is your specialty:  Tri Training and Weight loss.


  • Group Fitness BCRPA 
  • Personal Fitness Trainer BCRPA 
  • Weight Lifting BCRPA 

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    Tani Hamagishi-Allen

    As a certified Pilates instructor and climbing enthusiast, Tani brings to the Core a passion for strong and stable body movement. Her personal training approach introduces clients to Classical-based Pilates, targeting shoulder and pelvic stability through alignment and core muscle recruitment.

    In addition to individualized private and semiprivate sessions, she caters to a range of fitness levels in Pilates group mat classes.

    She is fully certified on all Pilates apparatus and offers this knowledge during Mat sessions through the use of blocks, straps and rollers to train the body from head to toe.

    If you are interested in improving your body imbalances and deepening core strength schedule an appointment with Tani today.

    • Romana's Pilates - all apparatus (current - 500+hrs)
    • Physical Mind Institute (PMI) - apparatus (250hrs)
    • PMI Prenatal Pilates (30hrs)
    • PMI Mat Pilates (60hrs)
    • BCRPA Fitness Theory

    Martin Weintritt

    Martin grew up in Czech Republic always attracted to various sports and physical activities. He used to race semi-pro motocross, he loves snowboarding and longboarding. Love and passion for movement is the way of Martin's life and working as a PT then even doesn't feel as a job but as a lifestyle. This lead him to live and work as a PT in Scotland as well as on cruise ships around the world.

    Helping his clients to understand their body and how their habits can change the way they look and more importantly feel about themselves is Martin's priority. He will take your goals as his own and together you will conquer those goals with his 20+ years of experience in healthy lifestyle and sports competition prep.

    Martin's focus in training is on mobility, flexibility, strength, core and posture. All of these factors will play huge role in reinventing your body and keep it that way. Sustainability is a key factor and life philosophy in Martin's approach.

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    • Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor . 
    • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer 
    • Active IQ Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor 
    • Active IQ Personal Trainer Mentor 
    • First Aid Certificate
    • STCW Sea Survival Course - RYA Sea Survival .