Nathan Roston

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Naf started rock climbing initially to get over his fear of heights. What started off as a little challenge over 10 years ago soon turned into a passion, hobby and career.

After confronting his fear, it almost became an addiction and he soon sought after more adventure and challenges. After exploring a variety of crags and rock types all over the UK he went on to travel and climb in Europe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and now Canada.

On going back to the UK in 2015 after a year long climbing trip he decided he wanted to become a rock climbing instructor and soon worked his way up to lead instructor. He was very proud to have coached the youth competitive teams at Manchester Climbing Centre and helped them get psyched to climb, train and overcome their own challenges and compete in competitions throughout the UK.


As his climbing progressed he started to get various injuries and notice twinges and niggles and thought he should start looking after his body if he wanted to do this for a long time. This brought him to practice yoga and meditation. In this same path of discovery he started to notice he felt more balanced physically, flexible and steady minded when climbing and he knew he wanted to share this with others. This led him to undergo his 200hr Yoga teaching training and for the last 3 years has provided various classes and workshops tailored to climbers which have been very successful.

As well as climbing and yoga Naf also enjoys Hiking and Snowboarding, basically anything outdoors which is why he chose to move to beautiful BC.

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