October 14, 2015

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**Drop-in classes are not currently available, but 4-week enrollment classes will start July 2021.** For more information:

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Mike Vert

Mike's trip leaders/instructors inspired him as a teenager on long canoe expeditions in the Northern Ontario wilderness. These instructors taught him skills that allowed him to have fun exploring the outdoors. This experience motivated him to follow a similar path and build his life around helping others succeed in outdoor activities.

Mike attended Algonquin Colleges Outdoor Adventure Program. His training covered rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, swift water rescue, white water rafting, expedition planning, and hiking. His specialty is rock climbing and snowboard instruction, and he works with all ability levels.

Most recently, Mike received his accreditation as an ACMG Top Rope Climbing Instructor.
The Whistler Core is part of his journey to educate and share experiences with others. As a Whistler Core climbing instructor, he is committed to ensuring everyone is thriving and having a great time!

  • Wilderness First Responder – Canadian Wilderness Medical Training
  • Mental health first aid – Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Top Rope Climbing Instructor – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
  • Level 2 Snowboard instructor – Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 2 – Rescue Canada

    Bob Allison
    Bob Allison