November 14, 2015

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Kyle Chapman

Kyle, originally from New Zealand, moved to Canada in June of 2015. With a decade of Personal Training and 2 years instructing Spin classes under his belt, he is excited and ready to help you towards your health and fitness goals.

Kyle has a Bachelor Degree in Sport & Exercise, plus a graduate Diploma in Exercise Science. During the summer months he is a Mountain Bike Instructor here in Whistler’s own mountain bike park.

During his spare time, Kyle can be found training himself in the gym, and during the summer months, he will be mountain biking, while during the winter he’ll be snowboarding with friends.

Kyle’s main focuses in the gym are looking good, feeling good and being functional. Whether you want to get in shape for summer or winter pursuits, or just be more prepared for everyday life, Kyle can help you get there. With safe and varied workouts, you can rest assured your training will always be exciting and fresh.


- Bachelor of Sport & Exercise

- Graduate Diploma in Exercise Science

- IDP Certified Level 1 & 2 Mountain Bike Instructor

- Body Training Systems (BTS) Certified ‘Ride’ and ‘R:30’ Instructor

Core Contributor
Core Contributor