Connor Thelen

Connor started climbing at a young age at the German Alpine Association and soon found his passion for bouldering.

Touching real rock for the first time made him escape the climbing gyms and boulder his way through Germany and finally ending up in one of his favourite climbing areas, the beautiful sandstone of Fontainebleau, France.

Connor has shared his experiences working as bouldering/climbing instructor and route setter in different gyms all over Germany for over five years. He is always aiming to help people push their limits and rise above themselves in various aspects like strength and athletics as well as self-confidence.

When he is not climbing, you can find him shredding the backcountry on his snowboard and when it is warm enough, ripping the local surf breaks.

Be sure to let Connor help you improve your climbing skills at the Core this winter, while he takes a break from his Aerospace Engineering career.

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