Christian Diesing

Christian got involved in different mountain activities like climbing and skiing at a early age. He started climbing when he was 10 and skiing when he was 8. After helping out in one of his local climbing gyms where he learned climbing and belaying he started working as an Instructor. Later on he decided to work on a more professional level and took a course to become an official climbing Instructor from the German Alpine Association. After accomplishing the courses and trainings he worked in different climbing facilities across Hamburg, Germany.

Besides the climbing he also decided  to make my second dream come true which was becoming a ski instructor. Christian has over 4 years experience instructing all age groups in climbing and skiing.  He uses his own experience that he has gained over the years in the Alpes and in other mountain regions to share with the people he teaches.  His fascination about outdoor sports is not just a job, but also, his passion.

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